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Reduction in deployment lead time

“Using the Tarantula tools has helped us reduce deployment lead time by 2/3, resulting in an increase in revenue as well as low operational costs, especially in Norway, with the group winning awards for project delivery efficiency.”



Site portfolio management and digitalization with Tarantula

“We’re focused on working with our customers here in Latin America to efficiently provision telecom infrastructure. In order to meet our growth plans, we needed a proven and highly automated system for process, project, and asset management. Tarantula was our preferred solution after a rigorous technical evaluation by all our key stakeholders. We are confident that the solution will be able to address all of our process automation requirements and drive innovation.”



Implementation of industry-standard business processes

“KIN Towers has partnered with Tarantula to support its growing tower base in Indonesia. We are excited about harnessing the power of Red Cube to manage both the build-out and acquisition of towers and to improve our asset lease setup. This product will help us implement industry-standard business processes while providing us the flexibility to drive our specific business initiatives.”



Tarantula platform provides support for portfolio expansion

“When our business grew exponentially during 2007 – 2010, we sought out an online platform to deploy key business processes rapidly, that would scale as our portfolio expanded and our business complexity grew. That’s why we chose Tarantula’s platform. Since its implementation, this online platform has enabled us to manage our tower builds and a range of other operations and business functions. The Tarantula platform has also given us the ability to implement a ‘single-source’ of centralized data that we can securely access anytime from anywhere.”