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Tarantula is a Canadian-owned global software company and a proven market leader of an end-to-end purpose-built telecom site management solution and knowledge-driven services for tower site owners. We help empower them to empower achieve operational efficiency and monetise on their assets, all to increase the value of their tower businesses.

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Tarantula is a VOLARIS Group Company

Building better products and services is Tarantula’s ongoing commitment.

Our Vision - shaped by customers

Our Promise

Tarantula's Journey

Our Values Define Us


Learning Sharing Collaboration Respect Togetherness

We shall always strive for improving our team working skills. Not only within our company but also in our daily work together with our customers. When doing so we not only work more effectively, we also learn more about ourselves, what we are good at, what we need to improve and learn from each other; and also get insights into daily challenges faced by our customers.


Market leader Thought leadership Ownership Expertise Industry knowledge

Not only shall we work hard to truly become the dominant global supplier, the market leader, of our solution and services, we shall also strive relentlessly to share our knowledge and expertise towards the market with the vision on becoming a valuable thought leader.


Trusted advisor Partnership Collaboration Commitment

We shall advise and lead, not only our customers but our colleagues as well. We shall feel secure when advising our customers and lead them forward within our field of expertise. We shall always strive for becoming a preferred partner towards our customers, not just a supplier. By becoming a better advisor and partner to our customers we build trust, for our company, our expertise and for our solution and services.


Openness User-friendly Feedback

When communicating internally and externally with customers we shall do it with transparency, always striving for openness and an open communication environment. Transparency builds trust and places us as a trusted and preferred advisor to our customers. Transparency also helps us in our innovation of our solutions and services. With transparency the company opens up with receiving more feedback, which we need to improve both ourselves and the solution and services we provide.

Our Approach

Quick, Pragmatic and Agile

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Quick Launch

Our Quick Launch package saves time and huge upfront costs on software development. Immediate availability of the tool helps both management teams and end users to realize the potential of the tool and to solve their present-day problems in as little as few weeks. Tarantula’s smart software architecture and modular framework make rapid configuration and deployment possible, for any type of tower company or operator.

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We understand that making a decision on an enterprise software toolset is not easy. We offer a proof-of-concept system configured to your target business processes so that you can experience the power of our platform. Tarantula’s proven deployment methodology ensures that your users get to engage with our product and removes the risk of buying an unknown software service.


Agile Methodology

Agile software methods and cutting-edge technology underpin our software development and delivery. We’re strong believers that rapid storyboarding and prototyping are critical in delivery of successful solutions. ‘Agile’ ensures that Tarantula teams are always building feature sets in line with requirements of the customers, thus enabling customers to grow and increase market share.

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Benefit from our thought leadership that has created value for all stakeholders in the telecom site management space.


Operations and Maintenance Manager

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