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Telecom Site management software modules

Improved continuously via a “product building framework” that teams up Customers, R&D and Sales

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tower management software rollout module


Accelerate rollout of new sites or network technology upgrades and control your project costs with simplified management and tracking of tower build projects

tower management software colocation module


Provision passive infrastructure such as masts, towers, and street furniture for co-location with automated processes and deploy a fully automated order-to-cash value chain.

tower management software site inventory module

Site Inventory

Know what your network is worth by tracking your business assets in real-time. Detailed graphic visualization of all telecom site equipment with floor plans, rack plans, and asset linkage brings every cell site to life within your office.

tower management software lease module


Secure your tenancy revenue and manage rent roll with end-to-end automation of leases. Standardize document management for all contracts.

tower management software billing module


Our industry leading telecom site management software helps you track your cash flow through cost tracking and automated management of customer billing and property rent roll.


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Towercos have been gradually expanding their service portfolios to improve customer satisfaction, optimize asset utilization, and ensure future resilience. At Tarantula, we are committed to excellence in all aspects of our software offerings, whether it's rolling out new product updates or inviting collaboration to shape our product roadmap.

We recognize the importance of equipping you and your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize your investment. We are excited to announce that you can now request training for yourself or your team here! 👇

Case Study

Red Cube simplifies mobile and fixed network operations for European telecom giant across multiple markets

Facing integration issues and vendor complexity, a leading telecom provider needed a way to manage its expanding products and services seamlessly across multiple markets.

Tarantula helped them by introducing specially designed workflows for fixed network operations, enabling efficient project initiation and vendor integration. We tailored the management of diverse infrastructure, facilitating smooth expansion and operational efficiency.

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Latest Blog

Building a greener network with sustainable telecom infrastructure

Towercos are tackling their carbon footprint amidst the growing telecom market by adopting renewable energy and waste reduction strategies. Leaders like Summit Digitel, Vantage Towers, and Cellnex are pioneering sustainable operations to achieve net-zero emissions, setting industry benchmarks for environmental stewardship.

Additionally, the push towards sustainability in the telecom sector extends to waste management and the adoption of eco-friendly materials for tower construction. Tower management software helps towercos optimize resources, extend equipment life cycles, and explore the use of shared infrastructure to further reduce environmental impact.

TowerXchange Meetup Europe 2024

23 - 24 April 2024 | Central Hall Westminster, London

Key conversations we are looking forward to:

  • Managing energy in Europe with on-site renewables generation
  • The evolution of the European telecommunication infrastructure market
  • Major policy initiatives in Europe that are relevant for towercos
  • Telecom infrastructure as a virtual power plant
  • Towercos and new product evolution roadmaps

Industry News

Top telecommunications trends that will dominate the industry in 2024

In 2024, several key trends are set to reshape the industry, including the proliferation of IoT devices, the nationwide rollout of 5G networks, the adoption of cloud computing, and the integration of emerging technologies like AI and edge computing.

Amidst this rapid evolution, telecom companies are poised to harness the transformative power of these trends to drive efficiency and competitiveness. By embracing IoT, 5G, cloud computing, and emerging technologies, telcos can unlock new opportunities for growth, enhance customer experiences, and pave the way for a connected, technologically advanced future.

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