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Your end-to-end solution for Telecom Site Management

RED CUBE from Tarantula

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The RED CUBE effect

maximize cash flow with telecom site management software

Maximize cash flow

telecom site management software as the single source of information

Single source of information

telecom site management software for holistic view of site portfolios

Holistic view of site portfolios

control costs with telecom site management software

Control costs

implement best practices for site lifecycle management with telecom site management software

Implement best practices for site lifecycle management

drive collaboration and accountability of work with telecom site management software

Drive collaboration and accountability of work

integrate operational processes with commercial reality with red cube

Integrate operational processes with commercial reality

make informed decisions to drive growth with telecom site management software

Make informed decisions to drive growth

best practice ready made tower process templates with red cube

More than 30

best-practice tower process templates available out of the box

manage and adapt business processes with configurable layers within the telecom site management software


layer to manage and adapt business processes on demand

Impacting Telecom Tower by Tower

Leading tower companies and telcos trust the Tarantula platform to deliver robust enterprise products for their tower and site operations

telecom site management software for tower companies


mobile towers supported


countries across the globe

US $50 billion

worth of assets managed


project rollouts


assets tracked

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Centralized Site Lifecycle Management

Our modules are closely interlinked to enable telecom infrastructure owners to efficiently manage their assets, leases, contracts, suppliers, projects, and policies, and proactively respond to problems with ready-made process templates and knowledge-rich reports.



Record, view, manage, and monitor vast site portfolios from a single console dashboard. Detailed site information with GIS visualization not only helps you to track your own sites but also helps your customers assess site viability through the infrastructure information available. Increase revenue generation by providing an online sales channel to quickly start monetizing your tower assets. Read More

Site Inventory

Site Inventory

Track your business assets in real time to view capacity at site or project level and understand where your business assets are located. Integrate site assets from various process areas such as rollout, colocation, and operations into a central repository to get a clear assessment of site capacity. Take advantage of the direct linkage between site inventory and lease rights to minimize revenue leakage.



Effectively plan, manage, track, and complete site rollout projects on time and on budget. Achieve complete visibility and control of the rollout process, integrating all aspects such as approvals, candidate identifications, survey management, milestone SLAs, and documentation control. Accelerate revenue generation with reliable delivery, faster site acquisitions, and contract management through standardized processes.



Provision passive infrastructure such as masts, towers, and street furniture for co-location with automated processes to share site space. Minimize errors caused by manual, siloed processing of sales orders and order fulfilment through a fully integrated order-to-cash value chain that drives customer equipment rights and invoicing through linkage with contractual terms. Achieve transparency and capacity overview of your site by capturing inventory data throughout the inbound colocation provisioning process.



Track and account for landlord and tenant leases through end-to-end automation. Standardize document management for all contracts and automate lease renewal and termination procedures. Achieve maximum monetization of site infrastructure by reconciling onsite assets and lease rights through revenue stream integration. Comply with accounting standards with up-to-date knowledge of lease payments and payment schedules.



Track your cash flow through automated management of customer billing and property rent roll. Centralized invoice generation enables you to manage billing and cost management for your customers and offers detailed revenue analysis categorized by customer, geography, and tower type. Cater to complex billing scenarios with a comprehensive and flexible billing engine that incorporates rental costs, tax inputs, discount schemes, and more.

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Effectively monitor and manage site maintenance schedules, site audits and inspections, and trouble ticket resolution, through standardized workflows. Oversee site asset health and energy consumption to minimize operational expenditure. Real-time visibility of site assets and notifications of system faults enables you to take pre-emptive as well as corrective action to ensure continuous uptime of your sites.

field force solutiom

Field Force

Manage your field operations with real-time data capture and remote assignment of work orders. Make it easy for your field operatives to access and complete work orders from the field, thus saving time, preventing manual process errors, and enabling business growth. Make third-party contractors and vendors accountable for their work orders by enabling upload of site information as proof of completion.

site access

Site Access

Eliminate security issues by planning, approving, and monitoring all site visits, while linking them to the appropriate operational activities. Keep track of site visitors and manage their certifications to ensure only qualified personnel can access your sites in a time-bound manner. Integrate your site locking mechanisms to provide a fool-proof mechanism for access control.

tower acquistion

Tower Acquisition

Deploy a step-by-step approach to plan, approve, and track site portfolio acquisition activities with data management and regulatory compliance. Exhaustive data capture during the portfolio purchase initiation, creation and novation of relevant leases, comprehensive field audits, and regulatory compliance checklists combine to provide a comprehensive roadmap to underpin your growth strategy.



Accurately track and organize all transmission-related activities to achieve increased productivity and optimized operational costs for the transmission rollout. Automate the process of rolling out, maintaining, upgrading, and decommissioning transmission links for both fiber and wireline. Leverage multiple inter-connected workflows for various link operations during the link lifecycle, from requirement trigger for the link to decommissioning, including upgrades and assurance tickets.



Proactively monitor and measure the overall performance of your tower portfolio with instant reports on assets, milestones, projects, and site data. Our innovative self-service reporting engine enables you to run on-demand, knowledge-rich reports simply through selection of the required data columns and filters. Easily save reports, schedule them for auto-generation, export report data to Microsoft Excel, and integrate with analytics tools, all from within the centralized site management software.

Case Study

Red Cube simplifies mobile and fixed network operations for an European telecom giant across multiple markets.


Built around the CAPP framework

CAPP framework: Integrated asset, activity, and commercial management

Contract Management

Know your rights and obligations

Asset Management

Know what is on and planned to be on the site

CAPP framework

Process Management

Know what is meant to happen

Project Management

Know what is happening


Configurable Components

The framework relies on key business objects such as workflows, data forms, milestones, and reports to build a foundation for providing flexibility and scalability to our configurable products.

Red Cube Quick Launch

Understand how Tarantula launches a telecom site management solution in just 4 weeks.


Mobile-enabled Red Cube Modules

For on-the-go tower management

Continuous synchronization with the web application


Apps can be linked to your Red Cube environment through a simple registration process and enabled in your business workflows by our services team.


Tarantula Field Force and Tarantula Approvals are available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Tarantula Field Force

Capture real-time asset information, add geotagged infrastructure photographs, and record asset barcodes on your sites.

Tarantula Approvals

Uninterrupted operational process management with quick and easy workflow approvals. Complete visibility and control of the site portfolio for key decision makers.

Successful implementations across the globe.

The Red Cube Add-Ons

We continuously collaborate with our customers to innovate and deliver enhanced Red Cube product updates with new add-ons and APIs.



Financial standard for handling ground leases

HQ Reporting

HQ Reporting

Group-level reporting for multi-country towercos



Protection of personal data and PII access logs

Approvals APP


Mobile app to easily approve /reject specific activities


Digital Twin

Visualize tower structure and reconcile asset information

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The Red Cube Implementation Blueprint

Comprehensive Training and Support with System Adoption



  • As-is assessment
  • Fit-gap analysis with out-of-the-box capabilities
  • Define customer requirements


  • Agile development with iterative show-and-tell sessions
  • Speedy deployment through configuration


  • Iterative testing to match expectations
  • User acceptance testing before deploying


  • Map existing data to Tarantula data structures
  • Load existing data in to Red Cube
  • Leverage Excel-based templates and migration scripts


  • Recognize the presence of multiple IT tools
  • Seamless integration to enable single source of truth
  • Set up inbound and outbound interfaces

Red Cube - Best-in-class Telecom Site Management Software

Telecom site management software is a specialized suite of tools designed to help organizations manage their telecom infrastructure, including macro towers, small cells, and other communication sites. It automates the manual tasks associated with the site lifecycle, including site rollout, colocation on the site, site inventory management, site inspections, maintenance schedules, contracts, invoicing, and more! Deploying a centralized site database with built-in workflow automation not only reduces the risk of human error but also increases efficiency and saves time and money.

telecom site management software

Reb Cube

ready made process templates within telecom site management software

Ready-made process templates

Red Cube provides detailed ready-made process templates and knowledge-rich reports out of the box, which can be deployed almost instantaneously. This allows organizations to track the performance of their sites and identify potential issues. With this information, organizations can make data-driven decisions about resource allocation, portfolio planning, cost optimization, and other critical aspects of telecom site management.


Ready-made process templates provide towercos with a pre-built framework that they can customize to their specific needs. These templates come with a set of predefined features and functionalities that have been tested and optimized for use and they make the quick launch of the software possible for towercos.

asset lifecycle management with telecom site management software

Asset lifecycle management

Asset lifecycle management is a key feature of telecom site management software that enables organizations to efficiently manage and track their assets from start to end. By visualizing and planning the entire lifecycle of an asset, from site acquisition, tower build, onboarding additional tenants, through revenue generation, and finally decommissioning, organizations can plan and execute maintenance, upgrades, and replacements more efficiently.


Red Cube can also generate reports and analytics to help organizations make informed decisions about the acquisition, maintenance, and retirement of assets on the tower site.

billing and cash flow management with telecom site management software

Billing and cash flow management

By implementing automation for standard manual billing tasks, which are prone to errors, and adopting a flexible approach to billing requirements, organizations can better manage complexity. Billing automation can drive working capital efficiency, and centralized tools that capture billing inputs and requirements in one place can provide opportunities to optimize billing and increase profitability. A flexible billing approach enables organizations and their systems to adapt to new business realities. This results in improved accuracy, transparency, and cash flow management, helping towercos optimize their revenue and grow their business.


Red Cube is a robust and industry-leading telecom site management software application that offers a wide range of features. The ready-made process templates, integrated asset lifecycle management, and cash flow and billing automation are just some of the features that make Red Cube an ideal solution for organizations looking to streamline their telecom site management processes.