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Leverage Tarantula’s Red Cube OSS BSS Software Solutions

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Leverage Tarantula’s Red Cube OSS BSS Platform


Maximize cash flow

source of information

Single source of information


Holistic view of site portfolios

Control costs

Control costs


Implement best practices for site lifecycle management

Drive collaboration

Drive collaboration and accountability of work


Integrate operational processes with commercial reality


Make informed decisions to drive growth

tower process

More than 30

best-practice tower process templates available out of the box



layer to manage and adapt business processes on demand


OSS BSS Software Towercos TRUST


mobile towers supported


countries across the globe


worth of assets managed


project rollouts


assets tracked

Monetize towers with Tarantula’s OSS BSS software suite


Consolidated management platform through Tarantula

“As we grow our business across multiple countries, we need a product that retains the granularity of site-level data and delivers robust, enterprise-grade information. We trust Tarantula for its ability to handle core processes that bring together the commercial and physical aspects of tower businesses into a consolidated management platform. Red Cube’s capability of reporting at country level, as well as at group level added value to edotco Group’s multi-country business operations.”

Site portfolio management and digitalization with Tarantula

“We’re focused on working with our customers here in Latin America to efficiently provision telecom infrastructure. In order to meet our growth plans, we needed a proven and highly automated system for process, project, and asset management. Tarantula was our preferred solution after a rigorous technical evaluation by all our key stakeholders. We are confident that the solution will be able to address all of our process automation requirements and drive innovation.”

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Did you know?

The market size for OSS BSS tools exceeded USD 35 billion in 2019 and is poised to grow at over 13% CAGR between 2020 and 2026.

The OSS BSS technology is witnessing a significant disruption with advancements in big data and virtualized network infrastructure. OSS BSS solutions are evolving into agile operating systems to fully support the market demand for next-generation networks.


What is OSS?

Operations Support Systems - OSS consists of specialized software tools that are vital in helping to assess and maintain the health of telecommunications networks.

They are used to deploy, analyze, monitor and configure all the operational aspects related to telecom site management.

OSS is usually used by rollout and build teams, sales and key account managers, property and real estate managers, network planners, service designers, operations, and engineering teams. Senior management under the CTO or COO also use or rely on OSS.


What is BSS?

Business Support Systems - BSS enables infrastructure providers in handling all the business and customer-facing aspects of telecom site management.

They aid in the establishment of billing parameters, service delivery, sales control, customer management, order management, product catalogues, and charging, among other things. Since scaling and billing are the most common issues faced by towercos and telcos, BSS can assist by handling billing and customer relations, both of which are becoming increasingly relevant in this industry.

Order capture, customer relationship management (CRM), and customer billing are the three main components of Business Support Systems (BSS).

Your All-inclusive OSS BSS Solution Partner

Operations Support System (OSS)


Order Management


Site Inventory Management

Operations & Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance

Business Support System (BSS)

Product Management

Customer and Product Management

Contract Management

Contract Management

Revenue Management

Billing and Revenue Management

Centralized OSS BSS Hub for Telecom Site Management


Efficient order provisioning and self-service mechanisms


Reduce revenue leakage and implement predictive asset maintenance


Increase profitability by maximizing revenue and site monetisation

tower opex

Reduce tower opex (energy and landlord payments)


Support strategy for acquisitions and divestment


Track and negotiate contracts - with tenants and landlords

Proven and trusted OSS BSS solutions partner to the best towercos across the globe



Benefit from our thought leadership that has created value for all stakeholders in the telecom site management space

Optimize your Tower Cash Flow

Tower Cash Flow (TCF) is the first metric investors look at when evaluating tower portfolios. Several operational and business parameters contribute to achieve an optimum TCF. As a tower owner, developing a process to measure and improve tower cash flow is the biggest challenge you will face. Download this white paper to learn what tools can be used to improve tower cash flow and aid in increased valuation.


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