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A look back - CEO's end-of-the-year message

It's the end of an exciting year here at Tarantula, jam-packed with customer engagements, networking events, product innovation workshops, and more! This year we’ve also marked 25 years in the tower industry, a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. Looking back at our journey this year, we want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible achievements of our team members and reflect on what we’ve learned along the way.

25 years of Tarantula - here’s how we celebrated:

  • Year-long celebration: We launched our silver jubilee year by welcoming our India team back to our newly revamped office space. We also initiated various events and interactions with our customers, partners, and employees. This culminated in an evening of festivities, where we commemorated our successes with our extended families. The guests of honor were Jonas Svensson, Group Leader at Lumine Group, and Maria Lingheimer, group director of Finance at Lumine Group.
  • Community outreach: In honor of our company's anniversary, we announced the launch of a CSR activity for 2023, where we will be sponsoring meals for everyone at the Amma Odi Orphanage once a month. We will continue to launch additional initiatives in order to reach our objective of giving back to the community.
  • Employee appreciation: Our employees are the driving force behind Tarantula’s success, bringing a range of skills, knowledge, and experience to the table. They are responsible for completing tasks, solving problems, and working together as a team to deliver business-critical solutions to our customers. During our celebratory event, we took the opportunity to thank our valuable contributors and honor our senior-most team members for their contributions.

Reflections on 2022

1. Networking and customer engagement

Networking and customer engagement are crucial for building long-term partnerships and delivering value for our customers, especially in times when technological advances are rapidly changing industry norms. Over the last year, our team put an effort into networking to build new relationships and re-engage with existing ones. Through this process of networking, we were able to explore exciting opportunities as our customers expanded their footprint with new technologies including 5G networks and new offerings such as power as a service. Additionally, engaging with customers and prospects through TowerXchange Meetups helped us re-engage with partners and prioritize our product development initiatives to align with customer needs.

Tarantula was the proud sponsor for 4 TowerXchange Meetups this year in Asia, Africa, CALA, and Europe. We took part in several round-table discussions such as 5G services, edge computing, and the need for digitalization, to name a few. The topic of digitalization was a hot one, both in the TowerXchange Meetups as well as our partner interactions. Digitalization has revolutionized operations in virtually every industry, and the tower industry is no exception. Tower companies have adopted digital strategies to streamline their operations and gain advantages over the competition. By utilizing digital technologies such as data analytics, AI, and automated digital processes, tower companies are able to reduce costs while focusing on customer satisfaction. Ultimately digitalization is transforming how tower companies install, manage and monitor towers throughout their portfolios - creating a more efficient and profitable framework for even the most complex digital ecosystems. Throughout the year, our professional services teams participated in numerous workshops and deployment sessions to support our customer objectives of digitalization and business process automation.

2. Customers Always First

The digitalization of the tower industry has been revolutionizing how customers interact with their vendors and partners. At the heart of digitalization lies an unprecedented level of customer involvement and understanding that no other form of digital transformation boasts. The tower industry, in particular, is increasingly recognizing the value that comes from making customers central to its digital shift and future growth plans. Understanding customer needs and staying ahead of their expectations is key for businesses to succeed in this space; ultimately leading to a stronger future for everyone involved.

We continued on our mission to deliver customer-centric solutions to our customers while working alongside our technology partners to build a comprehensive landscape. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Red Cube was deployed for a leading towerco in the LATAM region, where we delivered our core modules for site deployment and colocation. (Read about Red Cube modules here.)
  • We continued with a phased delivery of capabilities for comprehensive asset management to a key customer in the ANZ region. Along the way, we solidified our partnerships with digital twin vendors through robust integrations.
  • We rolled out Red Cube in additional markets for our multi-country customers in Africa, deploying a phased approach to ensure customer success. We also took on board several feature requests to deliver key enhancements to our Field Force mobile app. The app facilitates on-the-go tower management, enabling field service teams to receive, record, and complete their onsite work orders with speed and accuracy.

3. Industry Trends

The tower industry is evolving in several ways, including the increasing use of digital technologies and the adoption of new business models. Here are a few key trends in the tower industry that we will continue to closely watch in 2023:


The tower industry is adopting digital technologies such as sensors, machine learning algorithms, and business process automation to improve efficiency and reduce the need for manual labor. This includes the use of sensors and drones to monitor tower assets in real-time and identify potential issues, as well as the use of machine learning algorithms to optimize the deployment and maintenance of tower assets.

New business models

The tower industry is also adopting new business models, such as promoting the use of shared active infrastructure and outsourcing certain functions to third-party providers. These models can help companies reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Infrastructure expansion

The tower industry is also experiencing significant infrastructure expansion as demand for wireless connectivity continues to grow. This includes the construction of new towers, as well as the deployment of small cells and other types of infrastructure to improve coverage and capacity.


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in the tower industry, as companies seek to reduce their environmental impact and meet the growing demand for green technologies. This includes the use of renewable energy sources and the deployment of energy-efficient technologies.

4. Constant Product Innovation

We believe that continuously improving and innovating our product is essential to stay competitive in an increasingly dynamic market and to meet the changing needs of our customers. To stay aligned with the emerging trends in the tower industry, here are some product enhancements launched in 2022:

  • We released a new open API framework to speed up configurable integrations with third-party tools. This helps us rapidly exchange data with a variety of applications in our customers' tools ecosystem.
  • We launched a map-based project planner to help operations teams plan and execute maintenance activities with ease and efficiency.
  • We incorporated a brand new set of enhancements for our mobile app (Field Force), targeted to automate field service activities.

In addition to delivering new product capabilities, we continued to leverage our strong partnerships with leading service providers to offer the most comprehensive IT ecosystem to our customers. In 2022, we introduced integrations with complementary tools - Shapemaker for structural analysis, iLOQ for access management, Aerodyne for drone-enabled Digital Twin, and Docusign for digital signatures.

Looking forward to 2023!

We’ve had quite a year and it’s only fitting that we take a moment to reflect on all that has happened. From developing new product capabilities to forging amazing partnerships, 2022 has been a big year for us. In 2023, we are excited to continue delivering value to our customers, especially with new product capabilities prioritized by our customers. We are looking to expand into new integrations and partnerships to provide our customers with a better ecosystem to grow. Last but not the least, we are excited to enter new markets and geographies, as our customer base continues to grow and expand.

As we move forward into the next year, we want to thank you, our team, and our partners, for your continued support. Here’s to an even better 2023!