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Monetize your Towers with our Telecom Site Management Software

We make telecom towers more productive and profitable

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Enabling the Global Telecom Industry

Impacting Telecom Tower by Tower

Leading tower companies and telcos trust the Tarantula telecom site management software to deliver robust enterprise products for their site operations and tower management






Mobile Towers


US $50 billion


Your All-weather Partner

Enable growth, raise ROI and boost tower productivity

“We trust Tarantula for its ability to handle core processes that bring together the commercial and physical aspects of tower businesses into a consolidated telecom site management platform.”

“Tarantula helped us reduce deployment lead time by 2/3rd, resulting in increase in revenue as well as lowering of operational costs, with the group winning awards for project delivery efficiency. ”

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Telecom site management software modules

Improved continuously via a “product building framework” that teams up Customers, R&D and Sales

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Accelerate rollout of new sites or network technology upgrades and control your project costs with simplified management and tracking of tower build projects



Provision passive infrastructure such as masts, towers, and street furniture for co-location with automated processes and deploy a fully automated order-to-cash value chain.


Site Inventory

Know what your network is worth by tracking your business assets in real-time. Detailed graphic visualization of all telecom site equipment with floor plans, rack plans, and asset linkage brings every cell site to life within your office.



Secure your tenancy revenue and manage rent roll with end-to-end automation of leases. Standardize document management for all contracts.



Our industry leading telecom site management software helps you track your cash flow through cost tracking and automated management of customer billing and property rent roll.

Case Study

Tower company drives profitability with centralised asset and process management


Various disparate applications to manage 30,000 telecom towers across multiple markets, combined with manual data entry through Excel spreadsheets wasted time, caused data errors and compromised billing and reporting.


Track site lifecycle end-to-end all the way from customer orders to fulfilment through support for contracts with price book control, reserve capacity management, lease administration, and customer invoicing. Revenue is tracked through master agreements, tenant leases, equipment rights, and revenue streams to provide a single source of truth.


End-to-end site lifecycle management through telecom site management software.


Invoice processing time reduced by 75%


Revenue leakage reduced by identifying multiple missing site leases


Speed to market reduced by 2.5 days

Tower Management with Enterprise-Grade Software

A vertical “continuously evolving” end-to-end telecom site management software with comprehensive modules to manage tower site life cycle with ease and efficiency. Currently supporting 350,000 towers tracking more than 6,000,000 assets, Tarantula is the wireless industry’s “Software for Life”.


Close excel problems

Excel spreadsheets and custom applications built on top of horizontal ERP software are error-prone, thus compromising tower monetization and productivity initiatives.


Go comprehensive, vertical and end-to-end

In addition to its OSS and BSS features, the Tarantula Red Cube telecom site management software offers vertical, end-to-end capabilities that span cross-functional areas in a towerco organization to drive tower monetization.

Take Complete Charge

And creep ahead of your competition with enterprise-grade tower management software

Monetize Towers

Monetize Towers

Increase return on tower and site investments

Drive Revenue

Drive Revenue

Pinpoint opportunities for revenue assurance and cost reductions

Deliver Fast

Deliver Fast

Drive speed to market and rapidly grow your network

Maintain Sites

Maintain Sites

Maintain accurate commercial and operational site asset information

Excite Teams

Excite Teams

Empower your staff with smart tools to drive profitable outcomes

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Benefit from our thought leadership that has created value for all stakeholders in the telecom site management space

Optimize your Tower Cash Flow

Tower Cash Flow (TCF) is the first metric investors look at when evaluating tower portfolios. Several operational and business parameters contribute to achieve an optimum TCF. As a tower owner, developing a process to measure and improve tower cash flow is the biggest challenge you will face. Download this white paper to learn what tools can be used to improve tower cash flow and aid in increased valuation.


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