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Innovative software service from Tarantula enables all mobile operators in the UK

Hyderabad, India – April 29, 2008 – The innovative software service from Tarantula enables all mobile operators in the UK to resolve business process-related conflicts and challenges by using a common independent platform for managing real-time information on their entire tower portfolios 24x7 and sharing these sites, Tarantula told the industry. As part of the 2nd Annual Conference on Telecom Infrastructure in India – Sharing and Management, that concluded in New Delhi today, Tarantula shared insights with the entire industry on how its technology innovation, thought leadership, and its flagship service ( helped resolve the challenges of infrastructure sharing in the UK, and therefore its relevance in the Indian scenario.

Tarantula is increasingly being recognised and respected in India as a premier telecom ERP workflow solutions provider with implementations of its flagship product ( for two tower companies within one year of launching in India. Tarantula is a decade-old proven and trusted provider of software services for top FTSE 100 companies, providing its site management service for all the mobile telecom operators in the UK (Vodafone, t-mobile, O2 Telefonica, Orange, and H3G).

During a panel discussion on challenges and opportunities of infrastructure sharing, mobile operators raised several concerns about infrastructure sharing, considering the differences in site management processes and technology incompatibility issues between different operators and tower companies. Tarantula was asked to share insights about the UK site sharing experience. The industry was keen on understanding whether operators in the UK had problems sharing information and of which kind, and what were the major challenges in the UK.

At the conference, which was attended by all the major operators such as BSNL, Bharti Airtel, Tata Teleservices, Idea Cellular, Spice, and tower companies and service providers like Xcel Telecom, GTL, Essar Telecom and Tower Vision, Tarantula said its platform (implemented as in the UK), is an independently managed software service, which enables all the operators to store and share complete cell site information in the GIS Map-integrated Site Finder module and transparently manage the sharing process end-to-end using the SLA-enabled workflow software.

Tarantula is an independent third party provider that worked with the OLO forum in the UK – an association formed by all the operators that voluntarily agreed to share sites, and developed a software platform for them that would enable automation of the sharing process and ensure greater efficiencies and transparency in the process, the spokesperson informed the gathering.

During the meet, the industry expressed the felt need for a similar database in the Indian scenario, where the tower companies and operators could share information on sites, and the need for a similar association that could help resolve the conflicts and challenges in site sharing.

Tarantula, which anticipated the need for such a service and its relevance in India, has already helped two tower companies implement the site finder and the complete suite of site management services for Wireless-TT Infoservices Ltd (WTTIL), the tower company of Tata Teleservices and Quippo Telecom, respectively.

Site Finder is a unique web-enabled service that provides a dedicated online sales channel for their tower portfolios. Implemented as Enterprise versions, the companies are now able to collate, manage, plot, and generate reports on their entire tower information in single, online, search-enabled, real-time managed software that is integrated with online satellite maps.

The service enables the tower companies to add a 24x7 sales and marketing channel for their towers to customers – the other telecom operators – and generate revenue through the increased visibility of their entire portfolio for site sharing and co-locating.

The customer-friendly service enables them to provide potential customers with cell site and tower information that would help buyers make a decision about the viability of a cell site and location. These customers have the ability to search and view detailed information of the tower structure including pictures and satellite images of the location, and create online requests seeking further information about the towers. Customers can search by Radius, Latitude, Longitude and Region, or drill down via an integrated Map-based search and compare the towers.

Commenting on Site Finder’s relevance in India, Tarantula CEO Ravi Kuppan said, “Telecom infrastructure and tower management is becoming one of the hottest business propositions in the Indian telecom sector and the revenue generating capability of cell sites and towers has finally gained the much-needed recognition and importance. This has also brought in the need for speeding up and bringing transparency into tower-related information and processes. I am sure that the industry will immensely benefit from our market leading Site Finder service that provides a structured, transparent, online workflow process for managing information related to cell sites/towers and generate sales revenue from the real-time, 24x7 online sales channel.”

The Site Finder service is part of the end-to-end Telecom ERP solution for site rollout, sharing, operations and maintenance processes, which comprises a suite of applications including Site Rollout and Sharing Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations & Maintenance Management, Asset Management, Billing Management and MIS.

About Site Finder

A web-based service, Tarantula’s Site Finder service is a 24X7-available direct sales and marketing channel opportunity to have a branded Internet tool to show potential clients content-rich tower and cell site information in just a few clicks. The tool holds key site information relevant to the target markets, and offers a multiple segment channel, tailored to your customers' requirements. The service is a fully-hosted service that is completely branded to your corporate guidelines. The fully-managed service can be integrated into the process management of the Tarantula site management service – an innovative Web-enabled software service that helps manage, track and report on the complete mobile telecom and tower infrastructure rollout and site sharing, operations and maintenance processes. Tarantula has facilitated cellular infrastructure sharing software in the UK since 2001 with this platform. In India, Tarantula has pioneered the software service for managing the complete cellular infrastructure rollout and sharing process.

About Tarantula

Tarantula is a UK-based niche software innovator specialising in the mobile telecom space for a decade. Tarantula has facilitated the concept of cellular site-sharing software since 2001 in the UK with its flagship innovative software application service. Tarantula is committed to the heart of new technology – technology that betters the lives of clients and their customers. A trusted partner of FTSE100 companies, mostly from the telecom sector and apex industry bodies, Tarantula have innovated and delivered several product and application services through agile development processes, using the latest of technologies.