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Tarantula rolls out new product features for its telecom site management software - Red Cube

End-to-end telecom site management software that can integrate a towerco’s operational processes with commercial reality can sometimes be difficult to find.

Red Cube with its underlying framework strives to offer towercos and MNOs everything that they would need to create and sustain a steady stream of positive cash inflow with a strong focus on operational excellence.

The Red Cube telecom site management software application and its inter-linked modules have been designed to help you obtain a holistic view of your site portfolios, manage revenue, control costs, and make informed decisions to drive growth. With over 30 best-practice tower processes available out of the box, Red Cube provides built-in industry expertise. It also offers a fully configurable layer to manage and adapt business processes on demand.

With the growth in the number of subscribers of various telecom services and the advent of 5G, towercos and MNOs can no longer rely on antiquated techniques of asset and business data accumulation, processing, transmission, storage, and analysis. Therefore, the need for a platform that holds this data and evolves continuously with the changing telecom landscape and the strategic business needs of towercos and MNOs becomes imperative.

The Red Cube framework is continuously refined based on the feedback that we receive from our customers, which enables our R&D team to configure the software application to better suit the needs of our towerco and MNO customers.

With our software roadmap development, Red Cube continues to evolve into a richer and more secure product. Some of the new features that have been rolled out recently are described below.


When an enterprise software application for telecom site management is incorporated to help access and analyze multi-geographic information on infrastructure investments, expenses, and revenue generation, data authenticity and security offered by that software cannot be overlooked and at Tarantula, we take it very seriously. In our previous release, we upgraded the underlying product framework and libraries of Red Cube, and this has now enabled us to go a step further to implement enhanced security controls.

Enhanced Security Controls

Tarantula has now adopted SonarQube, the industry standard for code quality assurance, to perform the Static Code analysis for the entire Red Cube code base. SonarQube collects and analyzes Red Cube’s source code and generates a detailed report on its code quality, bugs, vulnerabilities, and code duplications while ensuring that coding best practices are followed. It combines static and dynamic analysis tools and ensures quality is measured continuously over time.

SonarQube generated a zero bug and vulnerability report for Red Cube in this release. 

enhanced security with red cube

The SonarQube report for Red Cube

In addition to this, we continue to use Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner as an automated web application security testing tool that audits our web application by checking for vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, cross-site scripting, and other exploitable vulnerabilities.

The use of both of these tools to scan the Red Cube application before each release helps us focus on providing enhanced security controls to our customers with Red Cube.

Password Policy Upgrade

Red Cube now follows standard configuration when it comes to password policies and adapts to the different policies laid out by Tarantula’s MNO and towerco customers. The introduction of password policy configurability for different customer implementations allows admins to choose what options they want to enable within Red Cube and how they should be applied as part of the initial setup.

For example, the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines suggest that the User password should be between 8 to 64 characters. Red Cube allows password length to be set to 8, 10, 12, 14, or 16 characters based on the customers’ preference and now admins can choose one of these available options out of the box. Other aspects such as Password Age, Wrong attempts allowed before account lockout, etc. have also been made configurable.

red cube software features

Upgraded password policy with Red Cube

UX- Ease of use

Tarantula aims to offer maximum functionality to its towerco customers while optimizing the ease of use for its users. The Red Cube’s interface is designed and being improved to make it easier for users across geographies and levels of management to navigate and essentially do more with the product.

Introducing dark mode

Reduced eye strain, lower blue light exposure, increased battery life of the device, and much more - we are all well versed with the advantages that a dark mode brings in for users as part of their Operating System or Web browser settings. Tarantula now offers the Dark Theme option to be applied across the entire Red Cube user interface.


Implementing Single Sign-On

Security Assertion Markup Language or SAML’s primary role in online security is to enable users to access multiple software systems by passing authentication information between parties in a specific format. Now with the implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) and Single Logout (SLO) in Red Cube, users need to log in only once to get access to multiple software systems and a single action of signing out will terminate access to all those multiple software applications.

Additional software features for Red Cube

In addition to the above, the following features have been rolled out to ensure that our customers are able to maximize their ROI with the help of Red Cube.

  • All binary fields have been converted to sub-tables to remove the cap on the number of processes, roles, and regions that can be tracked within Red Cube.
  • The Form Builder now allows the application of CSS styles to form fields such as bold letters and editability of fields according to roles.
  • The enhanced tower view now lets the management see multiple poles on a site with the corresponding equipment.
  • Editable screens for non-hierarchical surveys have been added as well.
  • Red Cube now supports regular expression validations for numeric type fields.

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