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Telecom Site Lifecycle Management with Red Cube

Telecom infrastructure providers are always looking for ways to enhance performance, drive productivity, and grow their net profits. Red Cube offers deep-domain expertise in telecom site lifecycle management with a best-practice process library to streamline and automate your company’s operational and financial processes. By providing these processes out of the box, our team takes away the guesswork behind process engineering and optimization, and enables a pre-built towerco business model within the software.


Project Management

Project Management Know what is happening at your site.

Process Management

Process Management Know what is meant to happen at your site.

Asset Management

Asset Management Know what is on and planned to be on your sites.

Contract Management

Contract Management Know your rights and obligations.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management Assure your revenue through accurate billing data.

Red Cube offers scalable solutions to optimize telecom infrastructure operations. The product modules are closely interlinked to enable telecom infrastructure owners to efficiently manage their assets, leases, contracts, suppliers, projects, and policies. Each module comes with a set of workflows for specific functional areas. Take a look at our best-practice workflow process library:



Effectively plan, manage, track, and complete macro and small cell rollout projects on time and on budget.

  • Acquisition
  • Construction
  • Upgrade site
  • Terminate site
  • Rollout RFI checklist


Track and account for ground and customer leases through end-to-end automation. Standardize document management for all contracts.

  • Ground lease
  • Tenant lease
  • Master lease agreement (MLA)

O&M, Field Force

Effectively monitor and manage site maintenance schedules, site audits, and trouble ticket resolution. Deploy your field operations teams through mobility-based work orders and empower them to capture real-time onsite data.

  • Asset audit
  • Asset reconciliation
  • Punch point
  • Barcode audit
  • Site photo audit
  • Quality checklist
  • Trouble ticket
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Health and safety audit
  • Electricity bill details
  • Diesel generator details
  • Outage reconciliation
  • Work order


Provision passive infrastructure such as masts, towers, and street furniture for co-location with automated processes.

  • Inbound colocation
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Terminate colocation


Track cash flow through management of customer billing, pass-through costs, and ground rent roll.

  • Infrastructure invoice
  • Pass-through invoice
  • Ground lease rent roll
Site Access

Site Access

Plan, approve, and monitor all site visits. Keep track of site visitors and manage their certifications.

  • Routine site access
  • Non-routine site access
Tower Purchase

Tower Purchase

Deploy a step-by-step approach to plan, approve, and track tower acquisition activities with data management and regulatory compliance.

  • Transfer ground lease
  • Transfer tenant lease
  • Regulatory approval checklist
  • Tower purchase asset audit
  • Tower purchase acceptance

Our implementation process for Red Cube starts with using these workflows as a baseline, followed by detailed fit-gap analysis, configuration, comprehensive end-user training, and support with system adoption. The process is strategically divided into 5 stages as follows:

  • Analyze: Define customer requirements and carry out as-is assessment of tools and processes.
  • Configure: Agile development with iterative show-and-tell sessions combined with speedy deployment through configuration
  • Test: Iterative testing to match customer expectations and user acceptance testing before deploying
  • Migrate: Load existing data into Red Cube and map to Tarantula data structures
  • Integrate: Seamless integration with other tools in the systems landscape to enable single source of truth

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