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Singapore – May 3, 2016 – Tarantula, the leading provider of telecom infrastructure lifecycle management software, attended the 10th Annual Conference on Telecom Infrastructure in India organized by Tele.net on 28-29 April.

In India's telecom industry, revenue growth has slowed and network operators and tower companies are sharpening their focus on cost and margin management. Tower companies continue to face operational challenges with infrastructure upgrades being requested almost daily by the network operators who need to employ complex equipment combinations to support multiple technologies and spectrums. This complexity is pronounced in India and presents tower companies with enormous challenges in managing their master and site leasing agreements while ensuring that rent relating to additional equipment is accurately tracked and billed.

A major challenge for tower companies is the ongoing problem of unlicensed equipment on towers resulting in revenue leakage, typically amounting to millions of dollars of lost revenue. Strong, process-driven, site and asset management software that captures site data and links assets back to the lease agreements provides accountability and transparency for tower operations.

Tarantula’s Red Cube upholds site and asset lifecycle management at its core while providing workflows for managing business processes specific to the towerco industry. The product helps towercos track and visualize assets from order to fulfilment. Moreover, it links both active and passive physical assets to commercial agreements, thus ensuring that towercos never loose revenue through leakage.

Adhiraj Singh Bisht, Head of Sales – Asia Pacific, speaking at the conference, said, “Accurate tracking of all the active customer equipment to ensure that space and capacity is managed is critical to the profitability for tower companies. At Tarantula, we specialize in delivering smart site and asset management solutions that enable tower companies to focus on their core task of selling space by knowing exactly what is on their towers. Tarantula’s product brings together tower industry and software industry skills to match assets to contracts in a unique offering.

Our product is being used to help manage portfolios covering more than 170,000 towers in India alone. We provide ready-made tower company processes to track active and passive assets with integrated tower lease management and operational and maintenance modules out of the box. These modules can be further integrated with a tower company’s financial ERP tools”.

Tarantula’s presentation was well-received at the event, leading to valuable knowledge transfer and exchange of ideas between the participants.

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