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United Kingdom – February 4, 2013 – Tarantula, a global leader in providing software solutions to telecom infrastructure companies, will be attending the TM Forum’s Management World Asia 2013 event on March 12 and 13, in Singapore. Tarantula is a corporate member of TM Forum, a global, non-profit industry association focused on enabling service provider agility and innovation.

The Management World Asia 2013 is the only conference that brings together over 500 professionals from the communications sector along with 60 speakers, including 13 CxOs. The focus of the conference is to discuss the transforming business models to capitalize on new digital services and to identify how to turn data into dollars through customer analytics and enhanced customer experience.

Tarantula is committed to standardization of solution delivery processes, to improve business performance and establish a proven approach to operations and integration. Being a TM Forum member, Tarantula will now have the opportunity to help shape the future of critical industry standards by participating in the TM Forum collaboration community.

Ravi Kuppan, CEO of Tarantula says, “TM Forum provides a diverse platform of information and support for the telecom fraternity. Tarantula is proud to be associated with TM forum Management World Asia, 2013. We were here last year and multiple organizations showed keen interest in our telecom-focused cloud solutions. This year, we will further engage with telecom operators while showcasing our latest platform framework with solutions for greater control and visibility across the telecom infrastructure lifecycle.”

The Tarantula Site Management Platform (site-share.com) has been the leading site management solution in the telecommunications industry for over 12 years. More than 350,000 mobile towers and assets worth over $25 billion USD are being supported globally through this platform. The platform has been trusted and proven to be an effective tool for managing tower infrastructure by telecom service providers and telecom infrastructure companies since 2001.

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