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Tarantula CTO's interview with CIO Review India

Tarantula: Leveraging Red Cube and Orange Cube Solutions for Towercos and Telcos

Indian telecom operators are still struggling to penetrate the 3G and 4G technology market owing to the lack of a developed technological ecosystem, network investments, and poor infrastructure, along with low ARPU, low tariffs, and a highly competitive market. Frequent outages and call drops during video calls bear testimony to the scarcity of network tower infrastructures even in metropolitan cities like Bangalore or Chennai. Adding more woe to the problem are the frequent truck rolls, which consume a lot of time and cost, and do not provide sufficient visibility of field operations. A wise option would be to take the assistance of site asset and project management experts like Tarantula. Tarantula’s integrated asset and project management system helps in tracking of large scale network projects with a complete asset inventory. The Tarantula platform helps in reduction of frequent truck rolls and provides accurate, realtime data collection from network sites through mobility-driven field operations, there by optimizing site visits and enabling customers to achieve significant savings across large portfolios over time.

Headquartered in Singapore, Tarantula offers robust onsite products for telecom operators and infrastructure owners, to help them efficiently manage their assets and vendors, take impromptu decisions to solve problems, and finally deliver a good ROI on tower and site management. Since its inception in 1997, the company has been delivering out-of-the-box reusable solutions, based on a configurable framework of workflows and data forms that can be arranged for rapid deployment across the ecosystem without any additional customization. “Our product provides a single source of truth about the relevant information of a site and its inventory. This helps the users in telecom companies to focus on the task at hand without running around to find the information from different departments”, says Vaibhav Kulkarni, Chief Technology Officer. So far the company has shared its operational as well as industry expertise with more than 3,50,000 mobile tower owners across Australia, Africa, Asia and North America. 

With more and more telecom operators spinning off their tower infrastructure in order to grow and tower companies acquiring assets to add profit margins, Tarantula’s flagship products, Red Cube and Orange Cube, are critical in assisting telcos and towercos alike to achieve these target benefits. Tarantula’s product suite is equipped with a wide arsenal of modules such as Rollout Manager, Lease Manager, Field Force Solution, and Operations and Maintenance Manager to cater to the needs of the telecommunication operators and tower companies. 



With the increase in number of mobile devices and regulatory restrictions, it has become very difficult for the tower companies to cater to the demand for network growth. The best option for the tower providers is to minimize the tower infrastructure and share sites amongst operators. Tarantula’s Red Cube product plays a key role in delivering benefits that support site and portfolio management activities by reducing time for deployment and enhancing visibility of tower assets. The platform offers 360-degree visualization of tower assets with easy asset control, and robust automation of processes to speed up site acquisition and integration of tower portfolios.


In addition, Tarantula offers flexible change management mechanisms that help telcos and towercos to manage their business processes as well as their asset inventory, dynamically and rapidly. For instance, if a telco is in the process of upgrading equipment on their towers to support 4G service across the country, Tarantula leverages its rule-based business process engine to enable the telco achieve its objectives in a repeatable fashion with predictable results. Tarantula products offer business processes that are designed to automate multifaceted processes to speed up integration and growth of tower portfolios.

The telecom industry is endeavoring to set new examples in the coming years by ushering in 5G technology to suit the needs of new machine-to-machine devices. However, issues such as intensifying competition, slowing revenue growth, and increasing network costs could pose serious challenges to the network providers. Tarantula is focusing on these parameters to continue to bring in more solutions that can help telcos and towercos overcome these hurdles with ease.


Tarantula: Leveraging Red Cube and Orange Cube Solutions for Towercos and Telcos. CIO Review India.