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Tarantula Site Management Business Partner Version Released

Berkshire, UK - May 8, 2008 – Tarantula, a UK-based niche product software innovator specialising in the mobile telecom space, has announced the launch of the Business Partner version of it Site Management Platform (

With an excellent understanding of the telecom sector, Tarantula has extensive experience in developing, managing, and delivering innovative applications and services. The Tarantula platform ( is the company’s proven and trusted flagship software service used by the entire mobile industry in the UK for the past 6 years. Tarantula has developed the platform for the UK telecom industry to manage a marketing B2B application service for the cellular infrastructure sharing process.

This unique web-based application facilitates managing, tracking, reporting and collaboration on infrastructure-sharing across the mobile industry, including network operators, 3rd party roll-out agencies and cellular site providers. All the cellular telecom majors in the UK – including Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, O2, H3G, O2 Airwave, National Grid Wireless, Arqiva, and SSE, are using the Tarantula platform for the past 5 years.

With this launch, is now available in three variants – the Enterprise, the Business Partner and the Co-Location. Moreover, there are application services such as the Site Finder and Site-Share Financials modules that can function independently as well as part of the product itself, so customers can choose the version that’s the best fit for them.

Tarantula has a unique insight into the site-sharing scenario in the UK, which is considered one of the most mature mobile telecom markets in the world. Having continually worked since 2001 with the mobile phone operators and network infrastructure providers, the company has a deep understanding of the drivers, performance issues around sharing, and the need for transparency of the share process.

Tarantula’s unique objective perspective has lent itself to an amazing collaboration and partnership between, what are traditionally ‘fierce’ competitors on the revolutionary Tarantula platform. The company’s focus is on providing an independent and trusted software service while working in partnership with the entire UK mobile industry to continually develop and enhance the cellular site sharing service as well as to provide a richer, more productive, process-oriented toolset for site and infrastructure sharing.

About Tarantula

Tarantula is a UK-based niche software innovator specialising in the mobile telecom space for a decade. Tarantula has facilitated the concept of cellular site-sharing software since 2001 in the UK with its flagship innovative software application service. Tarantula is committed to the heart of new technology – technology that betters the lives of clients and their customers. A trusted partner of FTSE100 companies, mostly from the telecom sector and apex industry bodies, Tarantula have innovated and delivered several product and application services through agile development processes, using the latest of technologies. Unlike traditional software models, Tarantula has maximised the ‘Software as a Service’ proposition to the customer’s advantage, by providing a fully-managed, 24x7 secure access to the platform for every mobile company and network infrastructure owner in the UK since 2001 - including Vodafone, Orange, O2, H3G, T-Mobile, National Grid Wireless, Arqiva, SSE, and Airwave.

Tarantula is now in India, launching its software services in the Indian mobile telecom industry. With a dedicated development and support centre based in Hyderabad to support the requirements and needs for site and infrastructure sharing in India, the company is providing consultancy and value-added experience on how business processes can be improved and streamlined using the configurability of the Tarantula platform.