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Tarantula unveils Orange Cube for telco customers

Singapore – June 23, 2015 – Tarantula today announced Orange Cube Enterprise, an innovative and revolutionary tool created exclusively for telecom operators that will enable them to manage network growth and capture precise site-related data.

Orange Cube Enterprise is a real-time asset visibility solution that provides telcos tighter control of site assets and enables more effective management of field resources and site visits. It also serves as an indispensable project management tool for telcos by automating and accelerating tower builds and operational processes across the network.

Orange Cube Enterprise provides a powerful interactive graphing tool that empowers mobile operators to maintain a high degree of operational control over their network with a unified 3D visualisation of towers and assets. This real-time inventory tracking is far more accurate than the traditional spreadsheet-based inventory management that is prone to data entry errors and inaccuracies.

A 360-degree summary view of the tower represents the positioning of existing equipment on the telecom tower. It also highlights the scope of network equipment upgrades to scale up to the ever-increasing demand without any negative impact. The graphical layout provides floor and rack plans that illustrate the positioning of site equipment such as air-conditioners, power systems, and generator sets. This real-time asset inventory information in both tabular and pictorial formats prevents segmentation of information across departments.

“Orange Cube is our answer to network growth problems faced by wireless telcos worldwide.” said Tarantula CEO, Udhay Mathialagan. “How fast is my network growing? How much capacity do I have for additional equipment? How can I keep track of my ever-expanding asset inventory? Orange Cube helps you discover the answer to these questions and more!”