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Tarantula and The Lyle Company enter into a reseller partnership for North America

United Kingdom - October 4, 2010 – Tarantula, the leading software service for co-location and mobile tower rollout management software in the UK and India is pleased to announce its partnership with The Lyle Company to provide a re-seller service of its flagship software solution ( in North America. will be extending its product base in North America to provide its software service and site management platform. The initial offering will combine the platform’s robust capabilities with an audit solution for tower and fibre audit services linked to handheld devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, with additional modules including collocation management and complete asset management following shortly thereafter.

The Lyle Company will provide a single presence in North America for Tarantula’s software service. Lyle has been using Tarantula products for its auditing services to provide accurate, time-efficient, and cost-effective audit solutions to its clients since 2009.

Pat Poling, CEO of Lyle said, “We are excited about this opportunity and believe the Tarantula software platform provides North American carriers, tower companies and service companies a proven and trusted cost-effective software service offering, which is used across Europe and in emerging markets like India. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

Ravi Kuppan, CEO of Tarantula said, ”The Lyle Company understands the wireless and co-location markets and provides us with a strong presence in North America. Our software platform is the world’s leading co-location tower software service that focuses only on this industry globally. US companies can benefit from utilizing our service at cost-effective rates, rather than developing their own in-house solutions. When you look at total cost of ownership over 5 years, it makes sense to outsource and get the ongoing free upgrades with a platform that is dedicated to co-location. We are the only provider of a completely managed service for co-location that is used by small and large tower companies globally.”

About Tarantula Site Management Platform

The Tarantula Site Management Platform ( is a 24x7, on-demand, workflow-enabled software service. It has been used for the past 9 years by the leading worldwide operators and tower providers for the management of infrastructure, network rollout, site sharing, and asset management. Tarantula’s unique approach has enabled close partnerships with operators and tower companies to create innovative solutions that improve the infrastructure management experience through this ground-breaking platform.

About The Lyle Company

Lyle is a leading solutions partner of the wireless industry, providing mission-critical solutions for network and infrastructure needs. Our expertise includes Strategic Site Development, Collocation Management, Portfolio Optimization, Auditing and Data Management, and Professional Services.

Lessons learned from 20+ years of fully supporting infrastructure owners and network operators throughout the entire asset life cycle has enabled Lyle to customize solutions to your unique needs. Whatever your need - new market deployment, technology upgrades, fibre deployment, collocation management, ground lease optimization, audit & data management, or professional services consulting – Lyle has the solution for you.