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Tarantula announces two senior appointments to strengthen customer engagement

Singapore – January 23, 2015 - Tarantula today announced two senior appointments aimed at strengthening the leadership team in areas of customer engagement and overall operations. Tarantula CEO, Udhay Mathialagan announced these changes when he was addressing the development and delivery teams in Hyderabad, India.

Edwin Kolen, Chief Operating Officer: This newly created global role is intended to provide an enhanced level of leadership for all operational activities and will span product implementation, delivery of professional services, post-implementation product support, and development and management of IT and communications infrastructure. Edwin will be based in Hyderabad, India.

Edwin has had more than 20 years of experience in managing operations for software and IT infrastructure companies. Edwin has an MBA from Georgia State University, USA and a degree in industrial engineering from HTS Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Maurice Barnes, Director, Customer Solutions: Maurice will lead the newly created Customer Solutions group. This group’s charter is to engage more deeply with customers in the development of product solutions leading to a better implementation of Tarantula products and improved services during and after product delivery. Additionally, this group will ensure that the commercial and operational objectives of Tarantula are carefully balanced while providing excellent customer service.

Maurice will be based in Singapore. His recent roles include the leadership of customer solutions groups for software solutions companies across Asia-Pacific. Maurice has an MBA from the University of Western Sydney, Australia.

About Tarantula

Tarantula is a world leader in telecom site management software and a trusted partner of leading telecom infrastructure operators in 13 countries. Through its specialized site management toolset, Tarantula is a fundamental pillar of support behind the management of more than 350,000 mobile towers and assets worth US$25 billion around the world.

Red Cube Enterprise is Tarantula’s flagship product for smart and efficient telecom site management, with modular design and configurable workflows. The platform is the worldwide industry standard for co-location and tower lifecycle management. The tool also offers additional capabilities such as location management, asset and lease management, operations and maintenance, invoice management, mobile field-force solutions, and comprehensive dashboard reporting.