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Tarantula launches new product for Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG)

United Kingdom – April 15, 2009 - Tarantula launched its new product, Lease Manager for Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG), a leading provider of site infrastructure to wireless operators in the UK.

James Fowkes, Operations Director of Wireless Infrastructure Group said, "In partnership with Tarantula we have found an adaptable and knowledgeable software developer. We have invested in Tarantula and its software solution to support our SHARE site management platform to be launched in spring 2009. Our goal is to increase customer access and ease of use of our sites. Our SHARE Hot Site programme will offer quick wins to our customers in a competitive market. SHARE will also provide WIG with measurable targets for our internal teams in our aim to improve cycle times in direct comparison to the OLO community SLAs.”

Site Lease and Property Manager

Designed for property owners, infrastructure providers and cell site owners, Site Lease and Property Manager is a web-based application that leverages the power of the Tarantula Site Management Suite to help companies in managing lease agreements across any type of property portfolio. The solution can manage assets from many perspectives: the owner and operator assets, the landlord assets for sub leases, and the asset rights granted to your customers.

The Site Lease and Property Manager software solution provides the following features:

End-to-end automation
Workflow-configurable processes
Data management
Milestone management
Asset data allowing you to control your entire tower property and assets portfolio to maximize its potential and to instantly have a view on the status of the entire portfolio.
The lease management solution is comprised of Property Interest and Customer Lease Management.

Property Interest: Manage the lease between the leasing firm (infrastructure provider) and landlords who sub-lease.
Customer Lease Management: Manage the lease between the site infrastructure provider and site customers.
The lease manager enables WIG to manage the following types of leases:

Income rights
Access rights
Lease hold for Property Interest
Customer lease for Customer Lease Management
Key Modules

End-to-end lease management
Portfolio agreements management
Estate management
Business process flow integration with assets and maintenance
Rent reviews
Lease renewal management
Terminations management
Advance lease search
Price management
SLA-driven milestone integration
Work queues
Reports and Dashboards
GIS integration
About Wireless Infrastructure Group

Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG) is a leading provider of site infrastructure to wireless operators. The portfolio of over 1,000 active sites makes WIG the second largest tower company in the UK. WIG’s geographic presence already extends across much of the UK and is supplemented by a controlled land bank of over 40,000 undeveloped rural, suburban and urban sites.

About Tarantula

Tarantula is a UK-based niche software innovator specialising in the mobile telecom space for a decade. Tarantula has facilitated the concept of cellular site-sharing software since 2001 in the UK with its flagship innovative software application service. Tarantula is committed to the heart of new technology – technology that betters the lives of clients and their customers. A trusted partner of FTSE100 companies, mostly from the telecom sector and apex industry bodies, Tarantula have innovated and delivered several product and application services through agile development processes, using the latest of technologies.