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Tarantula opens Amsterdam office for growth in mobile tower management

Software product company Tarantula recently opened an office in Amsterdam to coordinate its European activities. The company, with its head office in Singapore and local offices in India (R&D), New-Zealand and the UK, develops software for mobile and wireless tower management. The Red Cube suite controls co-location and life cycle management. Tarantula claims over 300,000 sites in 13 countries. Motorola and large regional telcos are among Tarantula's customers.

Tarantula's software is aimed at increasing efficiency, productivity and sales for site owners. It is not limited to macro sites, but works for other sites, including micro cells, as well. Customers are primarily mobile operators, tower companies and site owners, CEO Udhay Mathialagan explains to Telecompaper. Many site operators do not have all the information they need in one place, limiting them in efficiently managing their sites. In some cases, the information is in outdated excel files, or is missing altogether. Tarantula's software provides the management tools to proactively operate sites. It entails process automation, response mechanisms and reporting. Tarantula has defined a large number of default processes (29) relevant at mobile sites. They range from design, access and maintenance to disruptions and power supply to managing lease contracts (both with real estate owners and customers). Tarantula is a modular application, with separate building blocks containing all 29 processes for: the roll-out of new sites, co-location (for shared sites), leasing, operations and maintenance, access (for vendors, inspection, etc.), location (mapping), inventory, billing, acquisitions, reporting and field force (managing field staff). One example is the emergency network (Nødnett) that Motorola built in Norway for nationwide public safety. It is based on the Tetra infrastructure platform and covers over 2,000 sites. The Tarantula software helped Motorola speed up the roll-out and automate multiple process steps, explains Marius De Waard (director of Business Development at Tarantula) to Telecompaper, speaking for the Norwegian operation of Motorola. It allows users to create a 'single version of the truth', he adds. Tarantula was established in 1997 by its director of sales (Ravi Kuppan) and its CTO (Vaibhav Kulkarni). It is management owned.


Tim Poulus (2015, 30 March) Tarantula opens Amsterdam office for growth in mobile tower management.  Telecompaper.