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TowerXchange speaks to Tarantula

Adhiraj Bisht, VP Sales, Tarantula spoke with Laura Graves, Head of Global Content & Research, TowerXchange about lessons learned, ROI and future trends in data management. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Recent developments from the Tarantula team

"We developed the IFRS-16 add-on to enhance our lease module and provide compliance with new financial accounting standards. Similarly, we developed the PII logging add-on to support our customers in their GDPR compliance. We also delivered a mobile-based app for approvals, that enables senior management teams to provide approvals on key site activities from their mobile device. Last but not least, we have created our transmission module to track fiber rollout, which is essential for accelerated 5G deployment."


Lessons learned from multiple implementations and rollouts

"In our experience, we find it more efficient to take on a phased approach when implementing new systems to achieve maximum user adoption. While a big bang transition to replace legacy tools and switch to entirely new tools may seem logical, this approach causes the most friction and resistance to change."

How to demonstrate ROI in a short time frame

"We have achieved maximum ROI with customers that closely align with out-of-the-box functionality and deploy our solution in phases. This allows them to leverage our best-practice processes and deploy functionality in short spans of time. This also allows for better adoption and acceptance by end users."

Trends coming to the fore in data management

"We see that most organisations are now moving away from Excel spreadsheets or individually maintained manual trackers and want to take advantage of the benefits of a centralised digital system to manage their site data from acquisition to termination, along with asset and contract data."

Tarantula's views on digital twins

"We are proud to say that our product creates the first level of a digital twin for a tower. Not only does our platform contain all site and asset data that is intrinsically linked with contracts and customer requests, but it also provides a graphical visualisation of the tower itself in a 3D view for the mast as well as the site compound. On top of that, all site photos and videos are attached to the site itself and available from the platform with a few clicks of the mouse."


About TowerXchange

TowerXchange is an open community for thought leaders in the emerging tower industry that fosters dialogue between various stakeholders and brings together MNOs, towercos, investors, service providers and hardware providers. The event provides a common forum to share best practices in passive and active infrastructure management, opex reduction, and accelerated infrastructure sharing. 


Tarantula participated in the TowerXchange Meetup Europe - 2021 as a bronze sponsor at the virtual event scheduled for 25-27th May. To learn more about Tarantula products, get in touch with the team at


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