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Make telecom site management effortless with our knowledge-driven consulting services based on years of industry expertise


Consolidated management platform through Tarantula

“As we grow our business across multiple countries, we need a product that retains the granularity of site-level data and delivers robust, enterprise-grade information. We trust Tarantula for its ability to handle core processes that bring together the commercial and physical aspects of tower businesses into a consolidated management platform. Red Cube’s capability of reporting at country level, as well as at group level added value to edotco Group’s multi-country business operations.”

Site portfolio management and digitalization with Tarantula

“We’re focused on working with our customers here in Latin America to efficiently provision telecom infrastructure. In order to meet our growth plans, we needed a proven and highly automated system for process, project, and asset management. Tarantula was our preferred solution after a rigorous technical evaluation by all our key stakeholders. We are confident that the solution will be able to address all of our process automation requirements and drive innovation.”

Management Consulting

Based on our industry knowledge, our team can help you convert your ideas into actionable plans by leveraging Tarantula products or as a standalone service.



When launching any digital transformation initiative along with deployment of new enterprise tools, achieving high user adoption rates and a seamless transition of legacy data are both critical to the success of your initiative. We are here to help.


Education and Training

Our highly experienced training team provides your staff with comprehensive business user and technical training all supported with written documentation.


Implementation Services

Our team of experts provide telecom consulting that utilizes the latest agile methodologies to rapidly develop & deliver solutions to help keep things on track.


Integration Services

With over 20 years of experience in implementing our products, you can trust our in-house implementation specialists to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution that seamlessly interfaces with your in-house tools and third-party applications.


Data migration

We understand the value of your existing site data. Our implementation teams use data scripts and excel-based imports to migrate your legacy data into our solutions to maintain a single source of truth.


Hosting Services

We provide all our applications on a high-availability, hosted environment that is secure, reliable, flexible, and simple to use for all your telecom consulting needs.



Our dedicated support team helps in troubleshooting and resolution of issues with faster turnaround times. We strive to ensure that our solutions are rapidly adopted by all users.

Case Study

Tarantula onboards customers with a fully remote implementation.

fully remote implementation

Built around the CAPP framework

CAPP framework: Integrated asset, activity, and commercial management


  • Customer-led development
  • Quickly adaptable to the ongoing
  • changes in the organization and market


  • Customer-led development
  • Quickly adaptable to the ongoing
  • changes in the organization and market


Benefit from our thought leadership that has created value for all stakeholders in the telecom site management space

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